On September 25, 2009, Rassie was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. His symptoms: Swollen Feet and bruising. We never exepected a diagnoses of Leukemia. The Doctors and we ourselves, are very optimistic about the treatments available. We know that we have a long road ahead of us and we hope that you will support us on our journey to recovery.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Its summer!

Busy life of a working mom. Things are good. Rassie is still in remission. We have a few changes in care but nothing terrible. We finally took a real family vacation to Florida. It was beautiful. We are registered for our 3 year in the Light The Night Walk and are looking forward to November. Will give a better update soon.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Help Support Team Rassie in LLS Light the Night Walk 2012

Team Rassie is raising money for a very important cause, through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk:  finding better treatments and cures for blood cancers so patients can live better, longer lives. We're asking you to help by making a tax-deductible contribution!  Please use the link in this email to donate online quickly & securely.  You will receive an email confirmation of your donation as soon as it is made. We thank you in advance for your support which will make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients battling blood cancers. Remember, every penny helps!

We really appreciate your generosity!!


Thank you,

Team Rassie

P.S. Please forward this email to as many people as you can to encourage

Monday, October 1, 2012

Online Scentsy Party

Light the Night Walk 2012 - Team Rassie is hosting an online Scenty Party as a part of our Team's fundraising efforts.  A portion of the proceeds will go directly into Team Rassie's Frundraising Account on LLS Light the Night WebSite once the party has ended. Thank you to Ivy W., our Scenty Consultant, for putting this online Scentsy Party together for us.

You can find our Scentsy Party by clicking the following link - Light the Night Walk 2012 - Team Rassie.  When making purchases to support our team,  please remember not to navigate away from the party ID of Light the Night Walk 2012.  We hope you enjoy shopping for the perfect scent all the while showing your support to those affected by leukemia and lymphoma. 
What is Scentsy?
Well, Scentsy is a safe, wickless candle.
Flameless, smokeless, and soot-free — with Scentsy’s wickless candle bars and electric warmers, you can enjoy all the sensory delights of scented candles without the dangers of an open flame. Simply turn it on and enjoy one of 80-plus unique Scentsy fragrances.

There are tons of warmers to choose from.  There are full-size, mid-size and plug-ins.  They come in all shapes, sizes and decor.  Choose a fragrence of your choice and enjoy!

On Another Note

We should be collecting our donations for our Balloon Kit Fundraiser that we had set up at Corona's Mexican Restaurant tonight. I will let you know how we did within a day or two.  We are very thankful to the Owner and Staff of Corona's for supporting Team Rassie!

God Bless!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


This past week, Daddy's little girl, started school for the very first time.  It was exciting and hard all at the same time.  Our first born was old enough to start Pre-K.  Boy how time flies.  Luckily,  there were no tears.   Scarlett was our little champ.  She walked right into her class room, all smiles.  She hesitated to sit down at first, there were only seats next to the boys left.  But, she did sit and started coloring.  With a big smile she waved good bye and that was that. 
Lane was a good sport as well.  Being only 3 he is not old enough for Pre-K this year.  However, he was deteremined he was going to school as well.  He was so handsome dressed up in his little school clothes. We had to find him a backpack like Sissy's and he had to wear it into the school just like her.  After dropping Scarlett off he said we were going to his school.  We explained he wasn't old enough.  He was ok with that.  His one little worry was lunch and who was going to feed Scarlett.  Once we told him she would eat at school he was fine.  He's been happy with Daddy and Lane alone time while Sissy is at school.

We are so thankful for the treatments Rassie has received.  We are overjoyed that he is in clinical remission.  Even more so, we are so BLESSED that he is able to be here with us through these Bittersweet moments of watching our children grow.
God Bless

Monday, August 20, 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New

Rassie and I finally made the decision for him to switch oncologists.  It's been something we have been thinking about for a while now.  At his last appointment the doctor he was seeing, well lets just say Rassie had had enough!  We were already upset over the whole Gleevec incident.  Let's face it. If the meds are working why say they're not doing their job and try to change them? But, this was a whole new problem.  His oncologist had said the Gleevec was making his Triglycerids high and high they were.  He went into the last appointment with labs that read critical across the top in red!!! Yep, they were that high.  And what did little miss doctor do?  Tell him to take lab paper and try to get in to see his primary ASAP.  No referral, no calling herself to get him seen, nothing! Rassie's on the verge of a heart attack and she wants to send him on his merry way.  So, when he got to the check out desk to set up his follow-up appointment he switched docs.  We see the new one in September.  We both feel that this will be a good change.  As for his triglycerids, Rassie saw his primary and was put on a med to control that.  In one months time his numbers have dropped by half.  The doc told him to keep up the good work. It was good news :)

Light The Night

We still plan on walking in November for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk.  We are planning a few upcoming fundraisers for Team Rassie! (original I know :) )  Hopefully we will have a game of washers set up in September when the weather is a little cooler.  We also have to local businesses so far, willing to put up the Balloon Kits.  The Shell Station on Adam's/Apache Dr and Corona's  (Mexican Restaurant). We're excited about participating in the walk for our 2nd year!

God Bless Everyone

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the Old

Rassie had his follow up with the Oncologist this past Thursday afternoon.  Apparently, his levels are not going up quite like she thought they were, the side effects from the Tasigna were completely gone and she decided it would be perfectly fine for him to go back on the Gleevec.  Praise the Lord.  I am so thankful that he can go back to something familiar, that we know and are comfortable with.  Most importantly, a chemo drug that is actually doing it's job and still working the way it should!

Galveston, Texas
Babies 1st Beach Trip!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not Liking the New Med

So, Rassie and I are not really liking the new med, Tasigna, that the doctor put him on.  I'm not sure I like the doctor he under now.  The doctor he was seeing moved out of state, the doctor he is seeing now... she has changed the test he takes to check his BcAblr.   She says the new test shows his numbers going back up. BUT, he is still in clinical remission so overall it's extremely minimal changes. So, she changed him from Gleevec to Tasigna.  She has also changed other meds. They do the same things as the old meds.  The only difference?  The new meds are name brand with no Generics.  Tasigna was not what she originally wanted Rassie taking.  We couldn't afford the co-pay of the chemo pill she prescribed and even with co-pay assistance it was outrageous.   I just have a bad feeling about this doctor. 

So, let me get back to the Tasigna and why it's not well liked around here (meaning Rassie & I).  Rassie was only on it a few days when he started having shortness of breath and chest tightness, headaches that wouldn't go away and body aches.  It was like he had the flu.  Now, I know it was a new med so there were bound to be side effects that were going to show their ugly face during the first little bit.   Rassie had tried calling the doctor to ease his mind.  She was off for the Holiday weekend.  Next, she was at a different clinic.  Then  the nurse  called back.  She told Rassie it sounded like he just didn't like the new med and not to take it. She never let the doctor know to call.  Anyways, after a week several phone calls trying to get a callback from the doctor and a call to the supervisor, Rassie's doctor finally called him back on Saturday.  She told him to stop the Tasigna immediately and come in Monday at noon after doing labs/bloodwork that morning.  She seemed really concerned. Monday morning rolls around and Rassie heads to the lab for bloodwork.  There were no orders yet so he ended up seeing the doctor first.  She mashed around on his chest causing more tightness and shortness of breath.  She ordered a stat echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), chest x-ray and labs.  Thankfully, everything came back normal.  The doctor told Rassie to stay off of the meds for the next week and a half to see if they were the true reason for the side effects.   He has another appointment with her this week.  So far, there have no ill effects going on.  No headaches, no chest tightness, breathing is normal, no more body aches.

The doctor seemed extremely negative about putting Rassie back on Gleevec at a higher dose.  I really do not understand why.  Hopefully, at this next appointment things will go better.  Either way, Rassie is putting in for a change of care.   Neither of us care for this specific doctor very much.  I have only met her one time and she didn't even say hello or introduce herself to me.  Rassie tried to introduce us.  She just turned her back, said "yep" and walked off towards the exam room.  It was extremely frustraing.  And really lacked the compassionate care we were hoping for. 

CML is not Strep Throat.  It's not a once a year well -check. It's not an in-and-out thing.  It's an all the time thing. Rassie and I feel like he needs a doctor who is compassionate about their work AND their patient.  We have a great doctor in mind and we're really hoping that he will take Rassie's case.

God Bless!